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Oct. 30, 2017

Does a Basement Count Toward Overall Square Footage?

   An article by explains the rule of thumb when it comes to whether or not a basement should count toward the overall square footage of a home. Typically, a finished basement does not count toward overall square footage. This is especially true if the basement is below ...

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Oct. 23, 2017

Home Buying Myths

"I'm too young to buy a house right now" is a common misconception. Buying a home is a major life decision that can overwhelm anyone—especially first-time home buyers. Check out these reassuring facts and insights that will dispel common myths that may be holding you back from the home ...

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Oct. 20, 2017

Should You Go Big With Your First House or Stick to a Starter Home?

For a majority of people, buying your first home is financially daunting. Beyond the paperwork and negotiating, there’s that big mortgage looming. Taking on such a substantial financial responsibility is enough to leave you wondering if you can even afford it. And if you've figured out that you can ...

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Oct. 17, 2017

6 Ways to Botch Buying a Home

With so much money on the line, there are many ways to botch buying a home. Here are six mistakes to avoid at all costs.

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Oct. 9, 2017

How Much Does It Cost to Add to Your Home?

Wondering how much it costs to add things like bathrooms, bedrooms, and porches to your home? Click here to find out!

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Aug. 14, 2017

Home Buyer Terminonology

Buying a home for the first time? You'll need to know some of the terminology that will appear throughout the process. Luckily, we have you covered!


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Jan. 30, 2017

NEDCO - Helping First Time Homebuyers

NEDCO (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation) is an organization that offers counseling and classes for first time home buyers to help guide them through their purchase of a home. NEDCO has been building opportunities in our community for more than 35 years in Lane County. Below are answers to some important ...

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Nov. 17, 2015

Facts About Buying a Home


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Nov. 10, 2015

Addyson Creek

Addyson Creek Santa Clara   

Addyson Creek is a new home subdivision located in the Santa Clara neighborhood of Eugene. The first phase of construction is open and available for purchase and includes 66 lots. These lots have convenient access to River Road and nearby schools, shopping and restaurants.

The currently available lots range ...

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Oct. 14, 2015

Relocation Information

We have helped many buyers relocate to our local area and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our local area or our local real estate market conditions. We can also send you a package of local area information, including local maps, local areas of interest ...

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