An article by highlights 7 ways to make your new community feel like been there for years. To feel truly comfortable and settled in another city or state, you'll want to make connections with neighbors and community members. 

1. Network before you move

Reach out to your network of friends to see if they know of anyone of your new city. From there, you can reach out via email or or social media and maybe meet up for coffee. 

2. Host an open house after you move in

Invite your neighbors and make your open house casual and easy by scheduling it for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. Offer simple drinks and snacks, and make people feel welcome. This will give your new neighbors a chance to meet you, and you'll get to hear some news about the community. 

3. Venture outside

If you're still dealing with moving boxes, rather than work in the garage, take your box cutter out to the lawn or driveway and break down your boxes outside. This gives passers-by the opportunity to stop and chat with their new neighbor. 

Also, you could do a little gardening or yard work around the time when people are picking up their kids at the bus stop. This creates another meet-and-greet opportunity. 

4. Hit the local shops

Make an effort to support the local businesses and restaurants around your new city. Frequent a couple of cafes or diners and get to know the servers and owners by name. 

5. Grab the dog's leash

Dogs allow you to make quick and smooth introductions to other pet owners, and it shows that you have something in common. 

6. Join a group

Indulging in a hobby might not be the first thing on your list after a big move, but it can help you find like-minded people in your community, and it can also be fun! 

7. Stuff some mailboxes

You can put together a fun letter or postcard with information about your family and then leave it in your new neighbors' mailboxes. You'll spread the news of your arrival and inform people of your contact information. 

Or, you can bake a batch of your best cookies and share it with your neighbors. Pick up inexpensive containers and make little gifts to drop off as you introduce yourself.