Happy November! The leaves are dropping, and so is the temperature! Most of us are getting ready to throw our scarves around our necks and prepare for this holiday season. But first, take a little time to prepare your home for the harsh winter elements that will come sooner than later. 

1. Check your smoke detectors

With the holiday season comes great food, which means a lot of time in the kitchen. Unfortunately, that also means that there will be fire hazards. Also, Christmas Trees are one of the biggest fire hazards you can have in your home. This is why it's a great time to check your smoke alarms and change the batteries.

2. Take stock of your emergency preparedness kit

The recent natural disasters have taught us that you can never be too prepared. Test or replace the batteries in your flashlights, stock up on candles, matches, and extra batteries. Make sure you have some food stored, fill up a few jugs of water, and stock up on canned food in case there is a power outage this winter. 

3. Block out pests

When the temperature drops, pests seek a warm place to hunker down in, and your home always seems like the perfect place! Patch up any holes around windows or doorways, or hire an exterminator to protect the exterior of your home. 

4. Replace weatherstripping

During the hot, dry months of summer, weatherstripping and caulk can dry and crack. Check around windows, doors, vents, trim, or siding for any cracks or holes. This will help keep the cold outside, and will make a huge difference in your energy bill!