Why Work with an SRES (Senior's Real Estate Specialist)?

Do you know that some real estate agents have extra training that enables them to better understand the unique needs of seniors (age 50+)? The SRES (Senior’s Real Estate Specialist) designation is a distinction earned through the National Association of REALTORS (R). Agents with this designation have undergone extra training to fully understand the needs of buyers and sellers over the age of 50 in the real estate market.

At our brokerage, Shannon Doyle (our Owner and Principal Broker) and Rick Chesser have obtained the SRES designation. Rick has extensive experience working with seniors throughout Lane County. Shannon also recently lived for 5 years in a retirement community in Arizona and has more experience working with folks over the age of 50 than most other real estate brokers you will meet. Rick and Shannon incorporate the knowledge and experience they have from working with the 50+ population to all we do here at Eugene Realty Group. You'll find everyone on our team ready to help with all of your real estate needs, from start to finish, and to be knowledgeable about the options you have and challenges you may face.

Here's a little video that explains the benefits of working with an SRES. Please let us know if we can offer any assistance or if we can answer any of your questions!